About The Artist

Jayne fuses glass to metal – copper being her metal of choice.   The glass has a consistency of granulated sugar and comes in all colors, both opaque and transparent.  Glass is applied to the copper and then fired in a kiln at a temperature of about 1400 for a couple of minutes.  The design is built up using several layers of enamel with a firing after each.  Both sides of the copper must be enameled to prevent it from warping.

Most of the pieces she creates are framed wall hangings and jewelry, but she does a lot of electrical outlet and switch plates to match someone’s wallpaper, bowls, plates, pill boxes, etc.

Jayne also makes dichroic jewelry.  She cuts the glass and fuses the “stones” in her kiln using two pieces of regular art glass to sandwich the special dichroic glass.  This takes about 7 or 8 hours of carefully ramping up the temperature in the kiln and then after reaching a full fuse state, slowly and carefully lowering the temp so as not to crack the glass.  After “baking” the glass she wraps it with silver or gold wire and fashions it into pendants and earrings.

Enameling is Jayne’s favorite thing to do because there is no other medium in which one can achieve the same degree of brilliance and depth of color.  There is also frequently that certain unexplainable something that happens in the kiln during one of the firings that takes one’s breath away.   Jayne says, “Most of the time this is a good thing;  sometimes not so much”.

Jayne has been enameling for about 30 years, but she has been interested in art for as long as she can remember.  Even when demands of job and family prevented her from actually creating art for long periods of time, she was always storing up ideas, mental pictures, experiments she wanted to try, etc.

“Thank goodness, life presented me with free times periodically so that I could do something creative before I burst.  I think all artists understand what I mean and probably have experienced the same thing”, Jayne said.

Jayne learned enameling from Sister Consilia at Ancilla College.  Jayne also attended several enameling workshops at Arrowmont School of Art in Gatlinburg, TN, studying from some of the top enamelists in the field:  Jean Tudor, Linda Darty and Elizabeth Turrell.

Jayne is teaching a series of enameling classes at Heartland Artists Gallery and MoonTree Studios.  The students are doing phenomenal work and Jayne said she feel like a proud mother hen!


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